Take Control of your Chi

I am the type of person that feeds off of others’ energies…this can be great if someone is in a good mood, but it can be so bad if someone is in a bad mood or generally has bad energy. For this reason, I am trying so hard to maintain a balanced chi – which is the universal life force, or energy, in a person. We all have bad days and we all get in bad moods, but trying to keep your chi in check will keep you feeling peaceful and less stressed.  I also believe that a balanced chi will promote overall health and well-being. 
Think about it this way – when you feel yourself low on energy, or not feeling up to par, your chi is probably blocked. You can easily and naturally unblock your chi and positively energize your body by doing things that make you feel great and happy. Stretching and breathing are always good ideas. Something as simple as extending your arms outward and upward while inhaling, and then releasing them while exhaling, will instantly stimulate your chi flow. Also, eating a balanced diet filled with natural grains, fruits and veggies really helps.  Finally, do something you enjoy and have some personal “you” time. Dedicate a small part of your day to yourself and do whatever it is that relaxes you (just don’t watch too much TV, it is said to be a chi blocker!).

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.” – Aristotle


Start your morning off right.

I’ve noticed that when I don’t start off with my routine, I end up on the wrong foot all throughout the day. I personally like to start my morning off with water, coffee and a healthy breakfast. It’s important to eat breakfast, as it jumpstarts your metabolism and helps give you a boost of energy and concentration in the morning.

Now I know they say to eat like a king at breakfast, a prince at lunch and a pauper at dinner – this really is the healthiest way to go…but, because I know I have dinner with my husband every night, it’s never going to be a pauper’s meal. For this reason, I try to eat moderately throughout the day so I can have a bigger dinner at night. If you do eat like a king at breakfast, just try to stay away from the high fat and high sugar foods (check your cereal box!), because these will leave you hungrier throughout the day. I tend to have a horrible sweet tooth when I start off the wrong way, and that, inevitably, leads to some grouchiness, too!

Hope you had your breakfast and have a nice day 🙂

All the World’s a Stage

There is a great poem by William Shakespeare called “All the World’s a Stage,” and I really like the idea behind it. “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.”  So our world is a stage and we are the actors, and guess what – you’re the star of your own show! (And you never thought you’d be famous?) It’s okay to let it be all about you sometimes…this is your life, your show, your own mix of comedy, drama and romance.

Yes, we need to be sensitive to others and their feelings, but don’t let them overwhelm you. Many times I get stressed because I worry too much about someone else’s problem. I have to step back and realize that if it’s not my personal dilemma, I shouldn’t let it bring me down. Also, I tend to feel bad when I get upset about something minor that has affected me…yes, there are a lot of things that are worse in life, but it doesn’t change the way something makes you feel. A big deal to you or me may be insignificant in the big picture, but it’s our big deal! So don’t try to suppress your emotions or deny them. Feel the way you do so you can overcome it, and then you will shine – just like the star of the show.

Hit the Gym!

I choose my first tip to be about working out – because I really miss my endorphins! Now don’t think I’m a workout-aholic, I just think that it is truly uplifting and enjoyable, and what best to have a great workout and know you can eat that dessert later, completely guilt-free? So…Stress Tip #1 – Hit the Gym! Whether your goal is to lose weight, relieve stress, feel good, or possibly check out guys/girls?…working out is never a bad option. However, the only way to get motivated is to keep your workouts exciting…don’t make your routine too repetitive.

Switch it up, go to classes, work out with friends, and enjoy “lazy” workouts sometimes! Don’t be intimidated by the classes, either. Keep on trying out new classes until you “hit it off” with one. Once you do, you’ll find yourself excited to go back each week, and once the instructor is familiar with you, you’re hooked! If you’re an at-home exerciser, there are so many options for you, too (workout  vidoes, stationary cardio equipment, magazines, etc.)!

Just one thing – when it comes to “time” remember that you can have a great workout in 45 minutes. And in the grand scheme of things, it’s only 45 minutes! Even if you feel yourself getting tired or lacking motivation, just look at it this way – you go in there, push through, and bam 45 minutes later, you’re done! You’ll feel GREAT and you have the rest of your day or night to enjoy!

On a humorous note, remember this: “The advantage of exercising everyday is that you die healthier.”


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