Indulge in your guilty pleasures (I mean in regards to food or gossip magazines, or reality shows…nothing that’s really that bad, please!).

Have you ever heard the excuse, “I couldn’t help it, the ____ was calling my name”? In my case, it’s the donut. The donut was calling my name. This is a recurring instance for me – that donut calls my name every single Sunday at brunch with my family. My dad has had a habit that he can’t let go of – Sunday Donuts (and bagels, which I also can’t resist, but somehow those donuts have become my biggest weakness). People look at me all the time and say, “Really? You eat donuts? But they are so fried, and so bad for you, and so….” I say, “Yes, but I love it! Who cares?” It’s my Sunday – my break day, my splurge day. I used to try to avoid those donuts, or eat everything else on the table so that I wouldn’t eat the donut – but why not?! Enjoy it!

I am not saying I only splurge on donuts, but I will say that, while I try to maintain a healthy diet throughout most of the week, I also let myself have whatever I want on Sundays, and it always starts off with that donut. Just so you know, my favorites are the Shipley’s original glazed (must be warm!)  and the Dunkin Donut’s blueberry glazed cake donut, oh and I love the apple fritters! If your mouth is watering now, I’m sorry, but just remember to let loose on Sundays. My Sunday starts off with the donuts and usually ends off with some Tex-Mex fajitas, and then my recorded episodes of The Kardashians and Brothers and Sisters.  You see? All drama-filled and food-filled and yes, a little embarrassing to admit – especially since you’ve just met me! But, that’s my Sunday! Afterall, today is now Monday – and nobody loves Mondays, so I hope you enjoyed your weekend! J


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