Make a To Do List (and check it off).

 One of the best feelings, for me, is crossing things off a To Do list. I’m going to admit right now, that sometimes I add things to my list that I have already done, just for the sensation of crossing it off! (Don’t judge me). Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with the amount of things we need to do, that we either forget them or we keep putting them off. Keeping a list in front of you will keep you organized and allow you to follow up on items that are still pending. I prefer to make lists for both work items and for personal errands.    

To Do lists are extremely beneficial in sorting out your thoughts and focusing on your priorities. Many times, they help me realize that only few items are of great significance, and the rest are really not that bad. Also, I am a big multi-tasker, but that isn’t always in my best benefit. It’s easy to forget something when working on too many things at the same time, so using a list as a point of reference will always get you back on track if something is forgotten. Most importantly, I think these lists help me with time management. By looking at a list of things I need to do, I can have an idea of what kind of day I have ahead of me. Of course many unexpected tasks will come your way, but at least you will have an organized way of going about it and taking control of your responsibilities.

So start managing your stress by making a To Do list beginning right now. I’ll help you start:

  1. Read Daily Dose 101
  2. Eat a healthy breakfast…



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