How to be Happy

Yesterday, I drove past a church sign that read “How to be Happy.” That will probably draw a big crowd to Sunday’s service, and I’m sure those people are looking for their happiness through God. Happiness can mean something different for each person, so there is not a secret to finding happiness, but I do find it interesting how everyone seems to be looking for happiness these days. I’m sure we all have unhappy moments and sad days, but why do so many people want to learn how to be happy and want to find something that will quench this unending thirst for happiness?

There are a million reasons people might feel they are unhappy – many compare what they have to others, many are looking for a partner to fill their void, many think the “perfect” job or a certain body type will complete them – but I think my eyes were finally opened to my own problem, which might trump all those other reasons.  Many of us dwell on the past or fear the future (or, like me, do both!), instead of living day by day. Sometimes we can’t take each moment for what it’s worth because we are afraid of what might happen next, or we cannot forget something that has happened to us in the past.  These fears will hinder many quests for happiness, but most importantly, they prevent us from accepting what we have been given each day, and finding happiness in the present moment.  I can’t tell anyone how to be happy, but I believe our first step towards the search should start by taking each day for what it’s worth. We can’t change the past and we can’t predict the future, but we can face each day and see what it brings us. 

This is another post I will definitely visit often as a reminder to myself.


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