Try a Spinning Class

We all know the benefits of working out, but I think we all suffer with the motivation to get to the gym. Working out has been a regular part of my routine for a long period of time now, but lately, I’ve fallen off the fitness wagon. With the foot surgery and recovery, and almost a full month’s vacation, I have been struggling to get back into my routine! Monday nights used to be my sacred spinning class nights, and it has now been so long since I’ve enjoyed one of those classes! I’m almost to the point where it’s been so long, I’m scared to go back!

So, I’ve decided to write this week’s blog posts on fitness, and today’s about spinning. For any of you who do regularly enjoy spinning classes, keep up the good work, and for those of you who are discouraged by the thought, I want to convince you of its benefits. The only people who I won’t argue with are those that tell me that it bulks up there legs too fast. If y’all are lucky enough to have those muscles that tone that quickly, you may not need spinning to get you in shape, but for people like me, who can spend days trying to show some muscle with no success, spinning may be your thing. If your muscle’s don’t bulk up so quickly, spinning will give you a nice, slimming effect. I know it is one of the first ways I was able to burn a lot of unnecessary fat on my legs and stomach. After seeing my mom avidly attend spinning classes and watching her body become extremely slim and trim, I finally decided to try it myself. The class gives you such an amazing work out, you are sure to walk out a bit exhausted but with an extreme high (major stress relief!). And, it won’t take long before you see the effects it has on your body (another major stress relief!). Your posture will become better, your legs start to trim down, and you see an overall tone in your body. At the same time, you are burning more calories than you may have thought possible in a 50 minute work out!

And, just as a note to those of you who are still skeptical – you can go at your own pace! Yes, there are some scary instructors that may push you a little too hard, and if you like that, go for it, but if you don’t, go to a different class. Even my grandmother used to go to spinning classes with my mother! She was in her late 60’s when she was going! So, if she can do it, I think all of you can, too. Now that I’ve (hopefully) talked all of you into trying it, I will take my own advice and get my booty back to the gym, tonight. Have a nice Monday 🙂


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  1. Katy
    Jul 26, 2011 @ 11:49:28

    One of my FAVORITE workouts! Thanks No!


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