Take a Break!

I apologize for disappearing for an entire week of blogging, and I thank those of you dedicated readers who did come back looking for a stress relief tip for the day! I guess I just needed a break! Not that I actual need a break from writing or letting out all of my thoughts, but, sometimes, life just gets in the way!

So, it reminded me that it’s a good idea to just take a step back every now and then. We can’t do it all – no matter how hard we push ourselves. I think we would find a lot more energy to finish certain tasks (at home and at work) if we remind ourselves that it’s okay if we don’t finish everything on the to-do list and if we force some things to just wait.  Whether you are a mother who feels like a chauffeur, an involved community activist/philanthropist, working two jobs or working and studying, a dedicated friend, or employee or spouse, etc., I have no doubt you are stressed. While many have turned into superman/woman, they have also turned into stress-balls. 

Sometimes a break is just what we are looking for to give us time to think, time to relax and time to rejuvenate. In my opinion, it is probably one of the best ways to beat stress.  Our minds can recharge to be more creative and our bodies can recharge to be more energetic.  So to all of you out there, just take a break and allow yourself to relax, just once!


Take Control of your Chi

I am the type of person that feeds off of others’ energies…this can be great if someone is in a good mood, but it can be so bad if someone is in a bad mood or generally has bad energy. For this reason, I am trying so hard to maintain a balanced chi – which is the universal life force, or energy, in a person. We all have bad days and we all get in bad moods, but trying to keep your chi in check will keep you feeling peaceful and less stressed.  I also believe that a balanced chi will promote overall health and well-being. 
Think about it this way – when you feel yourself low on energy, or not feeling up to par, your chi is probably blocked. You can easily and naturally unblock your chi and positively energize your body by doing things that make you feel great and happy. Stretching and breathing are always good ideas. Something as simple as extending your arms outward and upward while inhaling, and then releasing them while exhaling, will instantly stimulate your chi flow. Also, eating a balanced diet filled with natural grains, fruits and veggies really helps.  Finally, do something you enjoy and have some personal “you” time. Dedicate a small part of your day to yourself and do whatever it is that relaxes you (just don’t watch too much TV, it is said to be a chi blocker!).

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.” – Aristotle