Say a Little Prayer

I’m sorry I’m late to post, today, but it’s been a crazy morning. On top of that, my CNN iPhone alert just kept giving me bad news, so it also put a little damper on the morning. So, today, my blog will be short and sweet. I just want people to stop for a moment, if you have a minute, and pray (whatever your form of prayer may be) for yourself and for those around the world that are suffering. We have nature’s forces wiping out populations and governments authorizing the mass murders of civilians. Whatever the disaster may be, people are struggling and fighting for their lives, and I hope that we will soon experience a settling storm. I know it’s usually in the holiday season that we send out messages for “Peace on Earth and Goodwill for Mankind”…but that’s my prayer for today. I also hope that each of us can learn to pray for our own inner peace, as that is truly where it all starts.