Take a Deeeeeep Breath


Yesterday was a true test for me, and I passed! I’ve been trying to remind myself what I would post in this blog, before I freak out.  You know those days when nothing works in your favor? Besides the regular strains of a Monday, my work computer crashed, then my personal computer got infected with a virus, and I spent my day jumping on different computers to access the network and get my work taken care of.  How did that possibly happen in the same day?! Anyway, the point is, I am really proud of myself because I remained calm. I almost slipped and “freaked out” when I couldn’t use my printer, but I took a deep breath, and that moment passed. These types of issues can be easily resolved, but that is something I fail to acknowledge when I’m in the heat of a break down.  

Taking a deep breath in incontrollable situations helps you to step away from the problem, release some tension, and calm your reaction. Especially when you’re in a big hurry or moving too fast, it’s important to breathe so that you can slow down and think clearly. I personally feel that I make better decisions when I stop to take a deep breath before I react in a given situation. So stop now, take a deep breath and exhale slowly.

If that is a nice sensation for you, I recommend you search online for some breathing excercises. Taking some time to breathe is a great and easy way to relieve some stress.