Boost your Immunity

It seems as though everyone around me is getting sick. Make sure you fight off anything you may see sneaking up on you, so you can enjoy your weekend! Today’s stress relief tip is to boost your immunity, so you don’t have to deal with the added stress of getting sick!  These are my favorite tips to stay healthy and well during “flu season,” “cold season,” “allergy season,” ok – all seasons!

Drink LOTS of tea – there are many different teas that help fight colds.  The trick is to add Lemon and Honey to them, because Lemon is high in Vitamin C (and my mom always tells me it’s good for stomach aches and cold and flu symptoms), and Honey is good for the immune system and for sore throats.  And, I have read that Ginger is considered a natural remedy for the cold/flu, among many other ailments. 

Also, I prefer to drink a lot of Echinacea Tea (I drink the Yogi Tea brand, but not with tea and honey).  Echinacea root is considered an herbal remedy for a weak immune system.  I feel that drinking lots of Echinacea tea helps prevent oncoming colds and strengthens the body and immune system when feeling weak.  If you don’t like the tea, many people opt for the Echinacea supplements. 

Vitamin C – I think we all know the benefits of vitamin C, and who doesn’t have a stash of Emergen-C or Airborne in their medicine cabinet? I think it’s important to boost your immune system with natural vitamin C, but you can always increase your intake by drinking lots of the supplement packets with water, or the actual vitamin C pills.

 Finally, get LOTS of sleep! I know we don’t always have time to sleep during the day, or we may not sleep enough during the night, but your body will not repair itself fully until you are at total rest.  Try to sleep as much as you can so your body can re-energize.

These are my immunity boosting “secrets,” so hopefully they will work for you, too!  Hopefully, you can fight it off before you have to take the actual medicines to make you feel better, or to sleep through the night.

Have a great weekend!


Get Some Sleep

This morning I had to hit snooze about 20 times before I could get out of bed. Don’t you hate those mornings? I am at a point where I have to get at least 7 hours of sleep (preferably 8!) to feel that I will be functional all day. I know many people who stay up late and wake up early, and, somehow, make it all day long feeling fine. But, believe me, that will catch up with you. So a useful stress-relief tip for you this morning is – Get some Sleep!

There are so many advantages to getting a good night’s sleep, but the best one of all is that unwinding moment when you get into your comfortable bed after a long day and begin to fall asleep (the thought of that makes me want to go back home right now).  Also, remember that sleeping is “body recovery” time. While you are sleeping, your body repairs itself (especially from stress) and detoxifies.  And don’t forget the long-term effects either – sleeping is good for a healthy heart, a better memory, and a fit body.  Tonight, get a good night’s sleep, and hopefully you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start your new day.